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Fullcount 05-13-14 07:57 PM

Trans Am Class of 2014 Survey
Okay, curious on who is doing the Trans Am this year. I am interested in:

Name & Age

Starting in Oregon or Virginia

Pulling a trailer or panniers

Blogging and if so...a link?

Start date and anticipated finish date

Supported tour or self contained

It will interesting at the end of the season to compile some numbers and compare this from year to year. This is just for the Trans Am, but other ACA routes could be surveyed on separate threads.

indyfabz 05-14-14 02:28 PM

You might have done better posting this last month. There are almost certainly people who have started out already east to west, not that they would have necessarily been BF members. Three years ago I was on the the TA for 2.5 days east of Missoula and then again for an afternon/night in Twin Bridges. In that short span I met seven people who had left VA in early to mid-May and saw (but did not talk to) a few others headaing west who looked like they were out for the long haul. Will be doing the same thing starting June 20th. Suspect I will meet east-west riders again.

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