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Alekhine 03-23-05 06:44 PM

My father today left a box on my doorstep, and inside was an old crank--a Sugino "Mighty Tour" in decent-but-used shape, 52-36t. It looks like a very nice crank, actually, but I'm hard-pressed to find much information about it on the internet, much less know where to look to get a 44t or 46t ring to put on the spider, since that is the size range I have tentatively chosen for my single (Rohloff) ring. What little I have read suggests that this crank is pretty fondly remembered. In any case, it *looks* the part, and it looks like it would be a good fit for the 'semi-classic' lines of the Mercian I'm building up.

Any info or impressions on this crank are welcomed.

Wheel Doctor 03-23-05 08:04 PM

It was a fine item in it's day. I believe the CW's are 130bcd. Standard for most road cranksets of today. It is compatable with most any square taper BB design. It is worth saving.

Alekhine 03-23-05 08:11 PM

Thanks much.

It's 110 mm bcd; I'm still looking for a nice ring to toss on it.

2WheelMotion 03-26-05 02:08 PM
Go to the on-line catalog. They carry the Sugino XD crankset and lots of rings (at reasonable prices) in the 110/74 size. Note that those chainrings are for 6-7-8 speed systems. Not narrow enough for 9/10 speed chains. But that is a good thing.

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