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Aushiker 05-21-14 08:34 PM


Just what you need for the romantic cycle tour: The TorchGlo :)

TorchGlo is a great way to create ambient lighting while out on the trail. It attaches to any headlamp and diffuses your headlamp's light into pleasant, warm lighting. With TorchGlo, you don't have to buy a lantern or a new lighting device, you can just attach TorchGlo to the headlamp you already own. TorchGlo weighs less than 3 oz, so it won't weigh you down. It radiates the perfect amount of light for a tent, great for reading or talking with friends.

Details can be found at Kickstarter if you are bored.


fuzz2050 05-21-14 10:19 PM

I've found that a chapstick cap fits perfectly over my Fenix Eo5 (My camp flashlight of choice) and provides a cheery glow. You can even choose your color. It also weighs about a gram, and does double duty keeping your chapstick clean.

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