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stevage 05-23-14 08:16 AM

I made a website for planning cycle tours in Iceland
I've had running for quite a while, providing a good map for planning cycle tours around Australia. Since I'm going to Iceland soon, and couldn't find a good map, I used the same technology to build:

You're very welcome to use it, and feedback is welcome.

The style is quite rough, as I converted it quickly from the Australian one. For weird cartographical reasons, and Iceland being so incredibly far north, I had to quickly change lots of styles, so there are some odd quirks. But I added glaciers (we don't have those...). The data is all OpenStreetMap, and the terrain is SRTM.

If you'd like a similar site for a small* country, I could make one, or if you want to run your own similar site, I can help with that, too.

* Roughly meaning, fewer roads, in total, than Australia.

dengidog 05-25-14 11:03 AM

Good luck on your tour!

This brings back so many memories...Keflavik, Iceland was my first duty station when I joined the Navy and I had a blast. Very cold and VERY, VERY expensive, but itīs one of those places that you wonīt regret visiting.

Please take lots of photos and post them when you return!

nun 05-27-14 05:25 AM

There are a few bugs with the map on my iMac eg when I zoom the map disappears. Still it's great that you are doing this and going to Iceland.

I went there a few years ago with a plan to ride around the island on Rt1. I got half way because the riding was at least twice as tough as I thought it would be.
My advice is to be extremely conservative with your daily mileage and give yourself a very flexible schedule. The wind can be brutal. But Iceland is a unique
and amazing place and you'll see things and meet people that you'll never forget.

Machka 07-16-14 07:29 AM

How was your Iceland tour? Got pics?

nun 07-16-14 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by Machka (Post 16943270)
How was your Iceland tour? Got pics?

My tour of Iceland was an amazing trip, but my schedule was far too ambitious and the wind and rain took it out of me so I rented a car for the last half. I mean to go back and complete Rt1 circumnavigation of the island soon, but I'll plan to camp and take a lot more time. I'll learn from the mistakes I made the first time.


Here is the first of a few blog entries about the journey.

A Soggy Day in Reykjavik | The Wheels of Chance

Doug64 07-16-14 03:52 PM

Like nun, my wife and I thought "discretion was the better part of valor". We were heading home on Iceland Air after a 3 month ride and had the opportunity to spend a week in Iceland. When we had to "tack across the airport parking lot with our bike boxes at Keflavik due to the 40 mph winds, we started to rethink our original plans. When the temperatures dipped below freezing with rain, and after talking to some other cyclists, we decided to rent a car. Every one of them, four parties, ended up using the buses quite extensively during their rides.

Talking to two young cyclists at the airport, I asked them if they enjoyed their ride. One looked up grinning and said, "enjoyable is not quite the right word, maybe more like memorable".

It is a great place to visit. The country is beautiful, and the people are wonderful. However, it is not high on my list of "must ride" places. We were there in September, which may not be typical.

Watching the northern lights outside of Keflavik

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