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IAMAMRA 06-05-14 09:03 AM

Bike touring with a three yearold
Took him on an overnight lady weekend and it went very well. I pulled him in a bike trailer behind me and we tent camped. Do you think it is reasonable to do a small week long tour with him? Would keep it to about 50 miles or so a day, with plans for frequent stops.

Feel free to be honest if you think it is a bad idea!

Thanks, micah

Walter S 06-05-14 10:20 AM

Did you ride a similar distance on your overnight trip? If not you might want to do a weekend instead of a week.

metz1295 06-05-14 10:36 AM

I think you would know the answer to this question better than anyone on any bike forum. he's your child. you know how much he can take. however, if you're unsure about a week long trip, I think a weekend starter trip should be in order.

my son is approaching 3 and if we set forth on a 50 mile per day adventure with a stop every 10-15 miles he could handle it easy.

good luck and have fun. wish my schedule allowed for such an adventure.

one word of caution, IMO I do not pull the trailer on busy roads at all. make sure your route has walks. paths or whatever. no main thorough fares. IMO

IAMAMRA 06-05-14 11:26 AM

We did 25, and he seemed ok, minus e bumps. I am going to try and figure something out for that though. Good point about the main roads,hadn't thought about that.

Donnie Johnson 06-05-14 03:10 PM

I think its a great idea. Take him out as much as possible. Over the years I have ridden by many young families touring with their kids and they all seem to have a great experience.

I imagine that you will need to be pretty organised and flexible with your route, distance and timelines to be able to adjust and suit your families needs if the ride turns pear shaped. I have just finished installing a car seat into a bike trailer for our 4 mth old. We intend beginning with short rides around our neighborhood and progressively building up to longer day trips, weekend tours and eventually month + long international adventures.

There is a good a few good comments on a thread that I started a while ago.

I would love to know how your trip worked out.

Good Luck


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