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LlamaBikes 06-05-14 12:17 PM

Paul Tall & Handsome vs Nitto S83
Shiny, sexy seatposts! Which would you rather have paired with your B17? Personally I like the more organic look of the S83 better, but I like the idea of supporting a more local company, so I'm sitting on the fence. I want to know what you think though. Which would you put on your touring build? Or do you have another silver setback seatpost that you think is sexier and better for touring?

Paul Components Tall and Handsome:

Nitto S83:

fietsbob 06-05-14 12:54 PM

Paul Comp is in Chico California , Nitto is a Japanese manufacturer..

I still use a old Campag 2 bolt seatpost , they were developed around the traditional leather saddles such as Brooks Makes
and even a wrench <C> made to adjust the bolt heads on top of their seat post

which is easily accessible with a leather saddle .. just lift up the sides..

the bottom adjustable bolts are better in Plastic Shell saddles.. that are less flexible ..

seeker333 06-05-14 06:21 PM

I use Thomson from Macon GA

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