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stevnim 06-06-14 07:00 AM

FYI: Amtrak & Bicycles Task Force
This was blogged recently at Adventure Cycling recently about a current Amtrak task force to recommend a strategy on bicycles. Amtrak Bicycle Task Force: Bringing Bikes on Board | Adventure Cycling Association

indyfabz 06-06-14 08:10 AM

Check this out:

Viewliner II Baggage car interior, 2013. ? Amtrak: History of America?s Railroad

Fifty-five new baggage cars with...wait for racks. No word on when they will begin entering service. Also nothing on whether bike restrictions will be eased.

The "Heritage" equipment referred to really is from the mid-50s or so. I remember riding in some of the Heritage coaches at late as the early 90s. They have since been retired, and the baggage cars are past their useful life spans.

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