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KenNC 08-13-14 08:38 AM

Source for compact touring drop bar for petite woman?
My wife is 5'0" and, in a fit session, a drop bar width of 30cm was suggested. The narrowest I can find is 38cm. Any suggestions on a source or alternative?
This will go onto a 44cm Soma Saga.
Thank you!

Miles2go 08-13-14 09:07 AM

What is her shoulder width?

fietsbob 08-13-14 10:14 AM

I found narrow old Sekae drop bars *, randonneur bend is narrower at the top . flares out at the drop bend, then comes back parallel.

they measure at the open end so actual top width is less than given spec.

But the ramp at the top is long .. now Brifters are long and so they would be less compatible with older bend types .

I used cable out the top type levers angled up on the bend (& shifters on the bar ends)

80s Specialized -Nitto rando bars labeled 46 were 38 up top..

* I cut up 2 since I wanted the tops to be 42 wide .. the sleeve on each remains , the new centers are 3" apart

stem.. 4'' wide . open face, was custom..

3speed 08-13-14 12:54 PM

30cm? I've never seen anything close to that. I would ask the person who did the fitting for a recommendation. Maybe there's a bar for a kids bike somewhere that measures that narrow?

fairymuff 08-13-14 01:05 PM

If you're struggling to find a narrow drop bar then perhaps a trekking or flat bar would be a better option?

Miles2go 08-13-14 01:30 PM

Still waiting to hear what the rider's shoulder width is, but I'm a bit suspect of the fitter since they are recommending something which doesn't exist.

I haven't seen problems with narrow shouldered riders using 38cm bars. That's what my GF has used for many years. She's 5'1".

THESE are available in 34cm width though, which I'd bet would be fine.

fietsbob 08-13-14 01:54 PM

A clever frame builder can make it* into a separable bar take a bit out of the center , add a sleeve tube inside

and another outside with a slot in it to make it compressable ..

It's what Bike Friday does for their suitcase packable bikes ..

* bar you like that is a bit too wide ..

MichaelW 08-13-14 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by fairymuff (Post 17033183)
If you're struggling to find a narrow drop bar then perhaps a trekking or flat bar would be a better option?


see also Useful info.

NormanF 08-13-14 05:40 PM

Origin 8 moustache Tikki bar. Has a compact profile. Perfect for riders with smaller hands. I'm 5'7" and I run it on my country bike.

djb 08-17-14 07:47 AM

I strongly suspect this 30cm number is just plain wrong. My wife is 5'1" and her xs frame bars are certainly not that narrow.

what I can recount from personal experience is that narrow bars that perhaps are exactly your shoulder width (whatever that is, depending on where you take the measureement from) are not necessarily the proper width for comfortable riding.

My old touring bike had narrow bars and when I went to wider ones, I realized how much the narrow ones had been constricting for my breathing, and just plain uncomfortable compared to the wider ones I have on my newer drop bar bike. Being open and relaxed in your upper body is way more important than a theoretical "perfect" shoulder width to cut thru the wind--and again, I question the measurement system, as depending on where you measure from there can be easily 4cm or more difference.

ps, I just measured my wifes bike and the bars from middle to middle of the hoods area are 36cm (middle of the bar diameter) while the areas on the tops where you place your hands is obviously much closer, as is the "corner curve" of the transition from tops to drops.

this 30cm number doesnt seem to jive.

pps Ken, Im pretty sure my wifes bike is a 44 also. This was my wifes first drop bar bike and having the proper sized frame (and bars, and reach etc etc) makes it the first time she is really comfortable on a bike, and the drops make a real difference to wrist comfort etc compared to her flat bar bikes, due to being able to move around with diff hand positions (and hence neck, back positions) compared to the limited flat bar bikes (plus of course that the frame is the right size)

good luck

djb 08-17-14 07:50 AM


Originally Posted by MichaelW (Post 17033688)

see also Useful info.

very good link, thanks. Seems to back up the 36cm wide bars my wife has, at about the same height of this fellows wife.

ze_zaskar 08-17-14 01:09 PM

I would say Salsa Pro Road:
Pro Road Small 2 Bar | Parts & Accessories | Salsa Cycles

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