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nun 08-19-14 07:17 AM


Originally Posted by staehpj1 (Post 17050405)
They require some care in handling and if that care is taken punctures or tears will be pretty infrequent, but yes I have managed to put a hole in them. Some high quality duct tape works fine as a repair and is something most tourists will be carrying a bit of.

I have holes in my silnylon tent bag and duct tape has prevented them from spreading for over 4 years now. When I tried using just drysacs I found that one with compression straps worked best. The compression feature gives the bag structure so it doesn't flop around. Also a slightly thicker bag will avoid any puncturing....I've used these for overnight trips and find it hard to believe that the 70D eVent fabric would be punctured by accident.

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Lone 08-23-14 09:59 AM

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here are some pictures of my progress. its a dry bag with a down sleeping bag, a sil-nylon tarp, rope, and a bug net. i'm going to use my super large saddle bag to space the dry bag away from my seat. i have tried previously with it parrallel to my body from the seat, but now i with attach it perpendicular to my bicycle and me.

veganbikes 08-23-14 09:07 PM

I don't think anyone mentioned Revelate Designs but they make all sorts of fun gear for bikepacking. I thought about getting their Terrapin and doing some shorter fast and light tours on my fixed gear.

Revelate Designs LLC

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