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sanpedro76 05-02-05 08:11 AM

Sugino 75/RD/XD
I was wondering about the true lengths for the 3 of these. I've seen that the pedal holes for the RD are in closer that the 75, thus an RD 170 is closer to a 75 the same true for the XDs I've been seeing? I'm trying to build up a swiss Sieber and need some affordable cranks, preferrably at 175.

Thanks for any info.


bostontrevor 05-02-05 08:26 AM

Really? I thought the convention was to measure from the center of the BB spindle to the center of the pedal spindle leaving any reasonable amount of "extra" crank arm as irrelevant.

sanpedro76 05-02-05 09:56 AM

i'm waiting to hear back from some online vendors on what their measurements are. I live down in Austin, TX + there aren't any shops where I could go in + measure it myself. Kind of a pain.


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