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Shiznaz 05-18-05 09:32 AM

French Velodromes?
I'm in Paris right now with my track bike and I'd really like to try some riding in a velodrome. I hear France is one of the top spots for track racing, but none of the roadies I ask can tell me anything about it. I am going to be spending some time in Paris and Grenoble so if anybody knows any velodromes that an amateur can race at I'd love to know!

If I find one I'll be sure to take pics!

classic1 05-19-05 06:54 AM

Grenoble has an indoor track. They hold a 6 day there.

EDIT check the link, but beware that some of the tracks listed have been pulled down. I know from looking at the Aussie list that the list is not fully extensive either. Have fun in France!

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