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SS-n-Fixed448 05-26-05 12:03 PM

Zipp disc 950 track axle
My axle for my older Zipp disc 950 is giving me fits. I am having trouble with chain alinement, spacing, and my track nut bolts don't screw in smoothly it is a real bear to tighten and untighten the track bolts. I figure I just need to a new axel I think Does anyone know of somebody that has an extra axle they want to off load?? The one I have know has the red fixed spacer. The hub body on my disc is black with white letters. it is a flip flop freewheel/ track threads. PLEASE contact me ASAP 206-718-9880 I am in Seattle [email protected]. Thank you Also any suggestion as to what to do?? Zipp no longer carries the older axle's at all. And they have not been very helpful at all.

isotopesope 05-26-05 01:04 PM

contact john at he is super friendly and knowledgeable. he sells zipp stuff and might have an axle or know where to get one. good luck.

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