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gilby 06-03-05 02:34 PM

First track race!
Or, "How completely out of hand this fixed gear thing has gotten!" When I got a bike last summer, I didn't know what a velodrome was. I never guessed that I'd end up the spandex-sporting racer sort. It's actually still a little disturbing.

Last night was my first night of racing at the velodrome. It was great, and all the other women were very friendly. There were only a total of seven of us, so they were excited to have another face! We did a 10 lap snowball, a handicap, and a 30 lap points race. I didn't win, but I feel I did pretty well for my first time out. From talking with the other women, this was the closest field of riders they've had--nobody got lapped. Anyhow, it was great and I have a better idea of what to expect next time. I have to wait two weeks until the next race!

auroch 06-03-05 02:42 PM

That sounds awesome! Congrats!

Yeah everyone at the track has always been so nice
& just pumped to see new faces. Fantastic.
Maybe we need to have a chicago - mn cross town rivalry
ala the jets vs. the sharks. (dibs on sharks)


lala 06-03-05 03:09 PM

Rock n roll, gilby!!! I waiting until next year for my racing 'career.' You are on a MN track? Watch a team will try to pick you up!

gilby 06-03-05 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by lala
You are on a MN track? Watch a team will try to pick you up!

Oh, that's already though I wasn't overwhelmed enough last night, now I'm supposed to pick a team?!

yojimblab 06-05-05 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by gilby
I have to wait two weeks until the next race!

Not if you visit Chicago again!

Watch out- You started racing the track as a social thing. You know- something to do on occasion with a few friends. You'll soon be doing it every week. You'll start to lose perspective on the calendar and find yourself wanting to dive off of the banking on the weekends... The morning urges won't be far behind.
I still find myself waking in the middle of the night. Riding the street is no longer enough. I must get my track... No turning back...

But anyway- I love having out of towners race at Northbrook. gilby- let me know if you want to come back to town- we'll get you on the 'drome, have a good time!

yojimblab 06-05-05 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by lala
I'm waiting until next year for my racing 'career.'

Don't wait! Life is too short... The season isn't long at all.
Half of racing on the track is mental, and there's no way to gain that knowlegde outside of getting out in the pack.
Get out there this Summer- don't worry about being physically ready. Just get in the pack and learn... You'll learn so much your first season- every event you take part in! And it's perfect timing- you get a chance to take those experiences and think about them all winter (off season in Chicago= 9 months). You'll be hooked, so smarter training will come naturally. If you like your taste of track racing- you'll be excited to strengthen yourself... And you'll know better what is needed to compete. Your second season is the one where you can start putting your knowledge and fitness to use as you approach your maximum potential. Or what ever... As you approach your maximum fun-level? Some people pick it up faster than others. It took me 3 nights of racing before I really got into it (had a friend pressuring me).
Lala- I hope you give it a chance soon. I'm sure you'll have fun.

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