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yojimblab 06-05-05 10:57 PM
Less than 24 hours until the Kilo at Northbrook! About 2 2/3 laps around the oval?
That's 500 meters for women and juniors. 1 1/3 laps?

I know it's early in the track season, but there's only so much time. What will you be doing? (Me? Probably just short of two minutes. Who said I was fast?)
Race entry is only half price of the Thursday events...

Registration starts at 6pm and is ongoing through the night.
Heats of two start at 7pm.

Come to the Kilo! Cheer on your friends as they take their first step to Elite Nationals!
Try the time trial yourself! Road/cross/MTBs allowed!

Beer after?

auroch 06-05-05 11:36 PM

helmet, camera & shoes are packed up.
I'll be there (& about 1 minute back from marcus).


pitboss 06-06-05 05:13 AM

I have my first summer course this evening, but hopefully will get out early enough. Hopefully...

absntr 06-06-05 09:10 AM

Is that open to everyone? Non-track experienced too?

auroch 06-06-05 10:42 AM

Yeah I think it is open to everyone. You might want to call Marcus to triple-check.
I know you can bring a road bike too.

I signed up for a UCSF season license, but you can also get a day-pass too


absntr 06-06-05 11:41 AM

Thanks for the info. I wish I had a car, just for times like these though.

auroch 06-06-05 12:41 PM

you can bring your bike on metra now!
but yes times like these I appreciate owning this money-pit
of a terrible investment.


auroch 06-06-05 02:13 PM

Just got an email from Peter at the NCC who told me that tonights Kilo event
is only open to racers who are Cat4 or better. Just a heads up.


auroch 06-07-05 08:59 AM

Went to the kilo last night at it was a ton of fun. Ends up for individual sprint events Cat5 can race too. Too bad I didn't know that beforehand otherwise I would've ditched work early. It was really cool to watch all the racers & see the different ways they attacked the event. I saw XXX racing out in force and they all looked really impressive.

And to anyone who's concerned about whether their equipment is "track cool" enough ... I saw a guy get 1:15 on a fixed specialized langster w/ aero bars.


pitboss 06-07-05 10:26 AM

nice report! Maybe you should MC at the velo...they need announcers! How much is the license fee for that job? Hopefully less than $60!

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