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bottom-bracket 06-10-05 02:05 PM

grass track
i'm gonna set up a grass track this weekend and cant seem to find any good photos of grass track racing.
has anyone here riden grass track?

dolface 06-10-05 08:04 PM

all i know is that they ride sew-ups and tape their wheels on.

juvi-kyle 06-11-05 12:21 AM

Why is there no grass track racing in the US. How bout somebody who actually knows people, set something like this up in Chicago. I would but I have no friends. Well let me know when this going to go down.

Mouton 06-12-05 10:59 AM

Whats the history of this? It seems like they would borrow some of the same grasses they use on a golf course, maybe bent grass to make the surface sufficiently smooth. Shaggy heavy grass would make the whole process painful.

bottom-bracket 06-14-05 01:04 PM

yeah, i've looked at a few soccer fields around town but they are all to bumpy to ride.
maybe a midnight race at the golf course.

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