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TLN 07-12-02 08:56 PM

Ive been a roadie for almost 20 years now and also did some Mt Bike racing for 3 years. I am seriously thinking of getting into the Velodrome. I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience in track racing and would be able to give me the pros and cons of it. I plan on taking an introductory course next month, do spin classes and track training solid and then start racing next spring.

velo 07-13-02 11:19 AM

That would be me! lotek, here, also has track experience.

Your plan sounds like what I would suggest. Definitely take an introductory class. That way, you'll get help with riding the bike (ever ridden a fixed gear?), and learn the ways of the track, and the different mechanics involved.

The road and track are pretty closely related. The major differences are the distances of the races (track usually being shorter), the quickness of it (on the track, everything happens quicker) and the fields are tighter (the ability to ride very close throughout a race will come with time.

Let us know how the classes are going once you start!

TT Cyclist 07-13-02 09:03 PM

Take all the dev.classes you can. Then ride the track and have fun. Once you get the hang of it. You'll really enjoy it!:beer:

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