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harlot 06-30-05 10:00 AM

Good track newbie drills
I went back to Marymoor the other night for their women's weekly training class. A really great drill that we did was to "follow the leader" in a paceline, about a bike length apart as the leader weaves up and down all over the track at a pretty fast pace. This drill teaches you how to follow someone's weaving line at a steady pace, and what I thought was really important, how to get comfortable moving all over the track at any moment, even down onto the infield. I'm still a little sketched pointing the nose of my bike straight down or across the bank, and this is an awesome way to get comfortable with what my bike and I can do. More please!

pitboss 06-30-05 10:39 AM

Shoulder to Shoulder/Elbow to Elbow riding - get comfortable when it gets tight! Maintain!

you and a partner ride at the same speed, next to one another, touching elbows or shoulders. Not trying to ram one another, but just so that you are touching. Helps with control in tight spots for those who aren't used to it and also with pack-riding comfort levels.

pitboss 06-30-05 10:43 AM

Water bottle drill - This is a balance drill.

Place a single water bottle, upright, on the track surface. The approaching rider will lean over and attempt to secure the water bottle in her/his hand as they ride past it.

dolface 06-30-05 10:44 AM

balance/steering drill -- grab your toptube with both hands right behind the headtub and do a few laps like that. it's scary at first, but gets easier quickly.

pitboss 06-30-05 10:45 AM


ohmyspokes 06-30-05 10:57 AM

Easter Egg Drill -
See water bottle drill - but with plastic easter eggs. Fill them with candy for incentive.

doctore 07-01-05 10:27 AM

With a track bike?!?! That would be some feat!!!

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