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Jonny B 07-11-05 06:03 AM

London 2012 Velodrome?
Anyone know when the new 'drome in London is going to be built? Hopefully sooner rather than later. All I know is that it was going to get built whether we won the games or not, so that's probably a good sign that it will be soonish.

I can't wait til it's done; I live over 100 miles north of London, but all I have to do to get to the Olympic village is get on the train 5 miles from my house and sit around for a while. I can just pop down to London every other weekend for a training session :)

Gangmaker 12-30-05 01:57 PM

I don't think they will start building the New London Velodrome untill 2008.
Then it will take about 15 months to build.
So we all have a long time to wait.

Richard Kennedy 12-30-05 05:39 PM

Ironically, the velodrome will take longer to build now that the London 2012 bid has been successful than it would have done if the games had gone to Paris. This is because much of the rest of the Olympic park will have to be built before the velodrome is constructed. If the bid had failed then none of this extra infrastructure would have been needed and work could have started much sooner.
A realistic start date is 2008-2009 as Gangmaker said. :(

Gangmaker 12-30-05 07:28 PM

Hi Richard,

Sorry but I could not send you an e-mail on VR it just does not work.



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