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eat_raw 07-16-05 10:20 AM

Anyone have any experience with the 'tsunami' (aluminum frame) sold by Chuck's Bikes?



flmmkr 08-05-05 10:31 AM

I just bought the 2005 Tsunami Aluminum Track frame from Chuck. Buying was super easy and Chuck (I assume that's his name) was incredibly helpful with all of the questions I'd had re: the frame.

I had converted an old road frame for my commuter fixie using quality NJS and track specific components knowing I might get sucked into getting a real track frame. Well, after 2 training sessions at Kissena, and one Wed. night race, I was hooked, and wanted to upgrade to the track frame.

I searched Ebay and local NYC shops, but couldn't find a sub-$400 frame in my size...enter Chucksbikes. I ordered, got the frame with pressed headset (they have FSA headsets for $20!!!) a week later. Its a 1 inch steerer (steel fork) so i went on a hunt for a 1" threadless stem (also nearly impossible to find) and decided on a 1 1/8" Thomson with a shim...they are incredibly strong so I figured would be good on the track.

Anyway, the frame seems pretty well built. Its beefy...weighs (using a very inacurate hold-the-frame-while-on-my-bathroom-scale method) around 4 lbs, 5.5. w/ fork. The welds are visible, but work has gone into machining them down. The paint has 2 small chips less than 2mm each (its painted then clear-coated, not powder-coated). Also the bottom bracket has not been faced...which I did myself. But perhaps the most disappointing thing about the frame is the dropouts, and maybe someone can help me with this: The horizontal dropouts have a small steel edge that actually slide into and using an allen head bolt, attach to the front of the dropout. I've never seen this before. If I take it out, it would be impossible to bolt on the axle (I am at work but can upload picts later), but with it in, my Formula hubs barely fit...the extra metal took up more axle room than normal dropouts so I either need a longer axle or shorter track bolts. In addition, because the craftsmanship on these dropout inserts is somewhat shoddy, I actually had to file away part of them to make the axle even get into the slot.

I am still waiting for some parts to arrive before I cut the steerer and finish building it up, but I have to say that more work has gone into this frame so far than I'd expected. That being said, it was 285 bucks, so who am I to complain?? I suppose overall its design is far better than I'd expected for the price, but the dropout situation will have me at Trackstar this afternoon looking for a solution. The other interesting this about the frame is that I've never seen it before and feel a bit like a pioneer, being the first on the boards and my block to test it out. I really can't wait to get it up and conversion was a noodly steel touring frame, so rocking a stiff alum. frame on the track should be pretty awesome. I am hoping to haev mroe info by monday. I know this is probably way more info than you wanted, but I hope it helps. It really is a good looking frame, just be prepared to put some TLC into getting it going.

Hopetoditchcar 06-29-07 11:32 PM

I am considering this frame as well

EMT 07-07-07 09:02 PM

thought this was a thread about Kobayashi :)

dzinehaus 07-08-07 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by eat_raw
Anyone have any experience with the 'tsunami' (aluminum frame) sold by Chuck's Bikes?



Chuck bikes is not the originator of TSUNAMI bikes... the 'TSUNAMI' marked bikes he has / sells on ebay are made in taiwan low quality bikes.

if you want a real TSUNAMI bike goto this is the real deal.

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