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gnosbike 07-28-05 08:12 PM

An article of a distant past Reggie "Ironman McNamara" . Check out the sponsor in the newspaper ad.

classic1 07-29-05 06:23 AM

Great link.

I read a story years ago about McNamara racing in San Francisco. Apparently he liked a fight so he went down to the wharves to get in a few scraps. San Francisco was contender for toughest city on planet earth back then, with the wharves the toughest part of town. Next night he rocks up to the racing with black eyes, fat lip etc. People ask, 'what happened?' McNamara tells them he got in four fights '...and I did really well, I nearly won one of them'.

There was another story about him falling and knocking a couple of teeth out during a six day. He finished the six.

Hard man.

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