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nine 07-29-05 09:39 AM

drops and numbness
i would like to try riding on the velodrome at some point down the line, so i put a pair of track drops on my iro mark v to see what they would feel like. overall i find them comfortable except when i try to get aero and grab the drops at the bottom. when i'm in this position for more than ten seconds or so, i get that awful numbness in that area of the male body that is particularly disconcerting when it goes numb. i've tried a few adjustments, but so far to no avail. any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

Paul And Pista 07-29-05 01:42 PM

I'm sure the problem could be a dozen things, but for me, the problem was a stem that was a little too long for me (I think it made me slide forward in the saddle onto the narrower section). I also think you just need to spend some time in the drops to get used to the position.

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