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rockstar 08-03-05 10:58 PM

looking to get a track frame to fit my unusally freak like body. i'm 5'8" with a 29.5" cycling inseam, i'm all torso with short but powerful legs. i usually run a 54 to 54.5 top tube on my roadie with a 2.5 inch seat to handlebar drop. i'd like to get a more aggressive position on this bike with maybe 3.5-4 inch drop (i'm flexible enough to handle the change) unfortunately this means the frame would need to have a seat tube of like 50-51 or so. i'm looking to spend no more than 600 for the frame only, so i'm not sure if that means custom is out of the question :D BTW i live 6 miles from the local velodrome :D

DannoXYZ 08-07-05 08:12 AM

How about a threadless fork and a threadless stem aimed downwards?

lala 08-07-05 10:45 AM

Someone on this board had a 50 seattube/ 58 TT.... I should check my PMs....

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