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jism 08-12-05 03:27 AM

anyone know this crank?
ok this might be a bit wacky..

would anyone be able to tell me if i can put a ROOX Spinning Max crank on a track frame if i used a 46t 1/110 chainring? basically would it work well? or poorly? it would be stiff thats for sure and i dont mind that one bit.

cphfxt 08-19-05 04:13 PM

yes its dutch if memory serves me correctly.
i hope you have one with no print on it. they were first gen. then they made a dh and a xc version, basically the xc ver. is a lighter ver. of the first gen. -and i have seen more than one broken xc ver.
i had a first gen. on a mtb for 2 years and then the guy i bought it off bought it back. its still spinning on his brothers bike.

and yes its stiff.. goood

cphfxt 08-19-05 04:22 PM

the first was written off the top of my head..

now google has enlightened me.
i have tried their stem, post, crankarms, bars. my friend has tried their headset. the hs was not great succes, but the rest kicked balls. go figure.

spinning max seems to be a beefed up version of their old crankarms.. recommended

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