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dwguy 08-26-05 09:36 AM

kissena this saturday
hi, i heard in the begining of the summer that there were classes for beginners track cyclist saturday mornings. i was wondering if that's still happening, this saturday (tomorrow) specifically. Or if you dont know, maybe there's a number i can call that you guys know of.


genericbikedude 08-26-05 09:47 AM

Yeah, they do. Show up there around 11:30. I was told that they sometimes have loaner bikes for those without track bikes too. I'll be there (as a newbie) next week.

ImOnCrank 08-26-05 10:10 AM

That is awesome i was just about to post something asking about this. thanks

dwguy 08-26-05 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by ImOnCrank
That is awesome i was just about to post something asking about this. thanks

thats funny.
since i put it up first, do i win somethng?

Mr Monster Legs 08-26-05 12:55 PM

John Campo won't be there this weekend but ceya will be doing the classes. Saturday training is going to run through the fall.

See you tomorrow.

nine 08-26-05 02:25 PM

do they have extra bars availible, with plugs for loan?

Ceya 08-26-05 08:16 PM

i don't have keys for the loaner bikes but if you need gear I will do what I can to get it. Bars , you can use mine.

I will be there by 1100-100pm I have other business to take care off.

all you vets if you have extra gear to bring do so, if you rookies need something ask and we can get something other than bikes.


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