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genericbikedude 08-30-05 11:11 AM

Thinking about Soma track frame--opinions??
I'm getting ready to buy a Soma Rush frame, and build it up. I want a good entry level track bike, that I can double as a round-towner. I like it because of the sharp geometry, decent steel tubing, and black paint. I'd get a pista and swap components, but, well, imo, they are kinda ugly...


Anybody have any recommendations for things to check out (with sharp angles, steel, under $500) before I jump on the soma?


adamkurn 08-30-05 12:23 PM

i like the soma too ... there are some at the track that fly by me ... the only things that give me pause are 1. i think they are a bit pricey for an "off shore" frame (lots of marketing and kewl paint) and 2. i'm not sure of the design (BB height etc) ... although, as i said, the ones i've seen at our track are flying around no problem (and the london track is about as steep as they come)
maybe check out the khs, the fugi and fugi pro frames, also the bianchi pista concept, and Marinoni pista

yonderboy 08-30-05 04:21 PM

The Soma geometry is pretty comparable to the other off-the-shelf track frames, wrt BB drop, head/seat angles, and chainstay length. The top tube is a little longer, which was my reasoning for choosing the Rush over the Bianchi or Fuji.

I like my Rush for road training and light-duty track riding. It's served me well, so far.

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