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genericbikedude 09-05-05 05:53 PM

Where can I find a proper track fork, drilled?
So I ordered my frame, but soma was out of forks, so I gotta find one aftermarket. Can anybody recommend a good track fork for $200 or less that is DRILLED for a brake? With very little rake? I'm going to ride this bike on the street and the track. Websites and LBS's that do mail order are most welcome.

pitboss 09-05-05 06:04 PM

Check with Tony IRO!

genericbikedude 09-05-05 06:20 PM

Yeah, but those aren't track forks. I want one that doesn't bulge out front, but that comes more or less straight down.

benk0 09-05-05 08:44 PM

Ah yes... I've been looking for one as well.

Not having much luck... and I also don't need that brake hole.

220mm + steerer. 1" threaded. 40mm or less rake.

Trying to not spend over $200!

Bikeworks has a straight fork, but it has a rake. Not sure what it is though.

Ken Wind 09-08-05 01:53 AM

Check out House Of Track for the Rush fork.

genericbikedude 09-08-05 08:50 AM

thanks! I just oredered it.

Ken Wind 09-08-05 02:23 PM

No problem, I was looking at that frameset too. The guy there seems pretty nice, and it sounds like he got f****** for doing what he thought was right. His prices are good too. Post some pictures when you finish it.

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