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lotek 09-19-05 05:59 PM

setup for track newb/novice
On more than just a whim I just bought a
used track frame.
As a novice what is a good setup
to use in terms of gearing?
what size cog and chainring?
Is there a good article (either
online or print) that goes over
basics for beginners?
Sure I'd love a vintage campy pista gruppo,
Phil hubs laced to Nisi rims but I gotta get
past the basics.
FWIW I plan on taking track 101 at the superdrome
once I get the bike built (maybe sooner as they have
rental bikes).



pitboss 09-19-05 09:21 PM

Marty - congrats and welcome to the club! I recommend starting off talking to some of the riders at the local velo and seeing what kind of gearing the run for practice and for competition. Best way to find out from my experience. Talk to a few out there and gett an idea of the equipment they run also. yeah, there will be your Zipp Carbon dimpled crew with AL airknifes, etc - but to each their own. You got the track iron, now get the knowledge!

yonderboy 09-19-05 09:26 PM

I second talking to the local riders. Each track is different, and your setup and gearing will change depending on the track and the event you're doing. I learned a lot talking to the team wrenches on the infield.

Mike T. 09-20-05 05:26 AM

Hi Marty. Yes as the other said - listen and learn and don't be afraid to ask. A good all-round gear is 48/16 (81") but this depends on you and the track. It's a great training gear and even a good racing gear for the short, steep track that I ride on. All the rentals are 81" and it's the required gear for bunched racing. Heck the fast guys can go 36mph on that gear so it's certainly good enough for me.

Forget about the fancy bike stuff as it doesn't make you much faster - not in relationships to the dollars spent anyway. Your training & skill level will count for much more than carbon bike parts.

When our new track opened, all the old track bikes started coming out of the woodwork and it's interesting to see what was tucked away. I scored a nice classic early '70s Colnago with loads of history behind it (a few 6-days etc) and with a bit of updating it's now a classy ride once again.

Read the rules of our velodrome as there is a wealth of info here -

Your track should have some written rules too.

pshaw 09-21-05 08:54 PM

Thanks Mike, good post.

I just picked up a Felt TK2 and first night on the track is Friday :D

Mike T. 09-22-05 05:39 AM


Originally Posted by pshaw
Thanks Mike, good post.
I just picked up a Felt TK2 and first night on the track is Friday :D

You're welcome PS. One of my riding buddies at our track rides a Felt. Let us know the story on your first night at the track.

lotek 09-22-05 07:53 AM

Mike, [165],

thanks for the info.
I just bought (waiting for it to be shipped) a Pogliaghi
track frame, early 80's vintage.
Now I get to look for Pista bits. . .
keep it period correct? modern gruppo?
we are having fun now!
I think I'll skip the dimpled carbon
fibre for now.


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