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spinner5339 10-04-05 06:05 PM

Choosing Gear Ratio
How do you fine tune your gear ratio for 20 laps scratch race? I am using 48x14 which is a bit hard but I find that I can keep up for a while but my legs feel really sored after the race. Should I try a lower gear to spin a bit more or train at that gear until my legs feel conditioned to it?

Meek 10-16-05 02:17 PM

Umm, maybe try a 49x15 or even 48x15 and you'll see if it a more natural race gear for you. Won't know if you don't try. You need to ask yourself a lot of questions:
1. What kind of speed or rpms are you at in the 48x14?
2. (relating to Q1) What would you be in a 48x15 or 49x15 or 47x14 etc?
3. What is your personal powerband?
4. Track conditions?
5. Competitors gearing?

spinner5339 10-17-05 05:21 AM

Thanks for the replys. The track is 333m, I found that most of the riders are using high 80s to low 90s. ie 50x 15, 49x5,48x15, 47x14. I was using 48x15 and found it a bit low and was out sprint in the last 100m. What's a powerband?

spinner5339 10-17-05 08:06 PM

DW, I think it make sense to me. When in a bunch the cadence would be cruisey around 80 -90rpm, when they hit it, 100 - 120rpm and when they sprint, 120-140rpm. 92 is definately too high for me as I have to struggle to spin.

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