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datenschwanz 10-08-05 09:40 PM

Anybody here race in San Jose?
i've heard there is a track in San Jose but have never been there. Do they have clinics? I've raced road and off road, but never on a track. I'm thinking i'd like to give it a go.


Woofer 10-11-05 09:51 PM

Every Saturday barring special events there is a beginner session starting at around 8:30 and ending around 11:30. If the track is wet the session is canceled. Check the weather before you come online just in case. If you need to borrow a rental track bike, come early to ensure you get your size ( this is normally only a problem when it's warmer outside and mostly for sizes 55+). The parking fee is 6.00 and the session fee is 5.00 and the bike rental fee is 5.00. Bring a friend so you can share the commute and parking fees.

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