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ZappCatt 11-14-05 11:49 AM

Spinergy Rev-X
Do any of you race Spinergy Rev-X's on the track?
Do they have replaceable axles like the Zipps to go between the track and the road?

flythebike 11-15-05 09:11 PM

I have raced Spinergy Rev-Xs on the track. You can just get a freewheel one and use a track cog. But good luck on the chainline. You have no way to space them, I think. You can't swap axles, you've either got a freewheel/threaded thing or a freehub.

I advise against using those wheels for several reasons. 1) They're heavy. 2) If you crash, you could seriously hurt yourself or others with those sharp spokes. 3) It has been so long since they made them that they are old and not reliable. 4) For the same money you can get a reliable track-compatible carbon wheel like a tri-spoke.

I race track with a Zipp Disc rear and it is excellent. Using a front road 404 right now, which is ok, flexes too much though, with 18 spokes. Turn four on the track is not its friend. I'd love to have a dedicated front Zipp track wheel but for now I will not budget for it. Maybe in one year.

531phile 11-16-05 12:14 AM

I second not getting the spinergy wheels. I have a front and I been hearing stories about how if one of the four spokes collaspes the whole wheel collaspes. whereas if one of a normal 28 spoke lightweight spoke brakes the chances are better that you will survive.

I'm going to sell mine.

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