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LoveParkRIP 11-16-05 07:47 PM

Velodrome in Central Florida..?
I will be in the Tampa Bay area this upcoming weekend, and I am curious if there is a velodrome in the area. If you know of any, please post the track name and any other info you have. Thanks in advance.

Super Rookie 11-16-05 10:57 PM

The only velodrome in Florida is Bryan Piccolo in Coral Springs(one hour north of Miami next to West Palm Beach. It is a really nice track although Hurricane Wilma did a number to the lights...

Your other option is to get in your car and drive to Atlanta....Have fun...with the drive...sorry to brake the bad news...

WithNail 11-17-05 02:46 AM

It's actually in cooper city which is 30min south of coral springs and about 1 1/4 hours from west palm beach... and about 40 min north-west of miami. It's really close to I-75 though which is probably what you would take if you were going to do the drive down.

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