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Meek 11-23-05 03:51 PM

Help Trackie build Road bike
Since we are all big strong guys, ;) I am interested to know what sort of components you have on your road bike? I am beginning to put together a road bike and want high quality parts that won't break. I DON'T want to be concerned with handlebars snapping, seat posts breaking, stems twisting etc, when I decide to open 'er up from time to time. FWIW right now I am close to 100kg's (just a touch under 220lbs). I am hoping to keep her under 10kg's (22lbs). Thanks.

fore 11-23-05 08:05 PM

i hover right around 200lbs usually, perhaps a tad under if i've been riding a bunch. here's my road setup...

frame: salsa campeon
drivetrain: campy centaur (chorus rear der), 9 speed
stem: thomson
seatpost: thomson
bars: salsa pro road
wheels: bontrager race x lite (rear), velocity aerohead / american classic (front)
pedals: used to use look cx-6, these days it's shimano ultegra spd-sl

no complaints, really. for the power i can manage to put out i can't perceive much flex outta the frame. the thomson stuff is rock solid, as expected. the bars are strong enough for me, but i have a feeling someone stronger/bigger may find them a little on the flexy side. if i weren't trying to get rid of this bike i'd probably switch over to a 31.8 bar/stem combo to stiffen things up a little bit.

full build comes out to between 17 and 18 pounds.

Meek 11-23-05 09:16 PM

Great. Thanks.

Keep 'em coming...

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