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mikorp 12-03-05 10:44 AM

any track lbs in denver?
am in denver for the day, any good local bike shops specializing in track?

absntr 12-03-05 10:54 AM

Salvagetti - home of Ground Up, Pentabike and more.

mikorp 12-03-05 10:58 AM

thanks, was going to go see the former owner of the track shack, but he has been closed for 2 years, and does not have anything left.. thanks for the info!

powerjb 12-03-05 02:41 PM

i second salvagetti, scott's a great guy.

Grunk 12-03-05 03:57 PM

Scott is a great guy. Also Cycle Analyst has a bunch of track stuff plus a ton of old used parts.

mikorp 12-03-05 10:34 PM

dang, scott had no track parts. custom orders only. i'm spoiled from sf living.

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