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Kogswell 12-06-05 07:56 PM

moving threads
Hi, all.

Someone named Marty, who appears to be a BF moderator, has moved my new model RFC thread to the framebuilding forum.

I'm not sure what it had to do with building frames.

My goal was to give folks who are interested in track cycling a voice in how a new track frameset is designed.

Does this kind of thing happen a lot on BF?

eyefloater 12-06-05 08:08 PM

It happened to Walker awhile back. Someone moved his thread where he was giving away stuff from his workshop to the "marketplace" forum.

Serendipper 12-06-05 08:15 PM

There was a 3Rensho for sale here yesterday that sounded sweet. It was moved to the For Sale forum today.

crust & crumb 12-06-05 08:42 PM

probably the mod didn't know the real score of the matter. i'm willing to bet he'll move it back though, being that it's really not content-appropriate for the thread he moved it to.

Kogswell 12-06-05 09:07 PM


Originally Posted by Walkercycles
its happend to me on 3 different occasions.
And if you need help in designing a track frame, I am here for ya...

Thanks, Don.

At Kogswell I've tried to get others involved in the process. And it has proven to be a very good way to design. I'm not the smartest guy, but I'm smart enough to listen and pick up ideas from others. That thread had already given me some substantial bits of insight and I'd hoped that it would go further.

I'm sure we'll get back 'on track' here soon.

If not, I'll find a forum where we can collaborate.

And I'm sure everyone would be grateful any help that you have to offer.

We've recently worked with Jan Heine who publishes Vintage Bicycle Quarterly. He helped us design a replica of a 1950s French porteur bike that will also see duty as a randonneuring bike as well.

Working with domain experts like you just makes sense.

ZappCatt 12-06-05 09:24 PM

Marty is a mod, and actually is a Track racer(according to things he has posted) so I was surprised that he was the one who moved it.

I was going to question why a thread that was asking for input from TRACK riders would get buried..ummm, moved to the Framebuilders section.

Guest 12-06-05 09:28 PM

I'm sure it was a mistake. I moved it back.



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