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theWretched 12-16-05 12:51 PM

Track racing is the organized bicycle sport that most appeals to me, and I think I want to start. Unfortunately, I cannot find a cheap frame that will fit me. I am 6'4", with a 37.5" inseam. Right now I am riding an old 64cm frame, and I have to raise the seat by alot. I don't want to sink too much cash into a frame, as I am still growing, so around $400 should be the limit (I may be lenient on this number, although). I am undecided on just about everything, I could go aluminum or steel, so long as the frame has good, aggresive geometry and fits me. I am looking at both complete bikes and frames (I don't want the complete bike to cost more than $900).

I was looking at cannondale's Major Taylor track bike, which comes in a 63cm. If I get some good feedback on it I will look for one to testride.

Super Rookie 12-16-05 12:55 PM

Check ebay for a steel. But, you aren't going to find a complete bike for your size with that much money.

Holy crap...6'4" and still growing?

Have you thought of basketball?

theWretched 12-16-05 01:07 PM

I changed the pricing in an edit.

I constantly check ebay in the sizes that fit me, but I haven't found anything yet.

I'm going to have to wait for basketball, as my coordination hasn't been keeping up with my growth very well. I play ultimate with a loose league, and can use my height there. Just got out of crew (rowing), and am looking for a racing sport that I don't hate.

Super Rookie 12-16-05 02:30 PM

Go with the Cannondale.

Keep playing ultimate. Before you know it you will be the top target in the UPA with that kind of height!

What track do you live by?

theWretched 12-16-05 02:42 PM

I live in Seattle, so the Marymoor Velodrome is the obvious choice.

ZappCatt 12-16-05 04:18 PM

A couple of things.
1) The most important part of sizing is the top tube, yet bikes are "sized" by the seattube. i.e. 63 cm frames can be drastically different.

2) Spend as much time around the track as you can. You will meet people who would be able to give you better suggestions then we can here over the 'net regarding frames available locally

3) Spend some time riding the track to figure out what you will end up wanting for your track racing. From your height and background in crew, you might be a better endurance rider then sprinter. If you decide to go pursuit or other discipline which uses aerobars, you would probably want a less "aggressive" frame.

theWretched 12-16-05 06:05 PM

(1) I know that the geometry is different for track bikes, especially concerning the seat tube. I am riding a 60.5cm top tube, with a fairly long handlebar stem. Actually, I could use a setback seat post, so the 60cm top tube on the cannondale may be a tad small.

(2) I really don't know what things are happening there in the off-season, and the website isn't updated regularly. I will look around, I am sure that I could get better advice from locals.

(3) I always did well in the mid-long distances (about 24 minutes of rowing was the longest, I liked 1500 meters and 2ks, or 6 minute sprints, the best). I would think that my size would be an advantage in sprints and a disadvantage in endurance races, why would you say the opposite?

ZappCatt 12-16-05 06:14 PM

1) The comment was not directed totally at track bikes, but since I am 6'3" with a 36" inseam, I can imagine how much trouble you are having finding a bike. I would search for 61, 62, and 63 cm listed bikes and find many of them with top tubes between 54-57 cm. I was shooting for a 60 cm toptube.

3) I was a sprinter/hurdler in college track and was often the tallest of the bunch. At the track(and what I have seen online) many/most of the top sprinters are smaller, spinners as opposed to larger stronger mashers. I am still hoping to be competitive in the sprints, but mainly that is because I HATE endurance events.

This is the common description on Track Sprint events that I was basing my statement on:
Sprint track cycling involves a range of events from sprints to kierin to individual time trials. These events require intense efforts that generally last for less than 90 seconds

ultraman6970 12-19-05 10:05 AM

HI... zapp catt is kind'a right... well dude u r simply too large now... now kidding u'll have many problems riding a bike, have u tried basketball? hehehe...

Now the explanations about why u wont find a frame with a 60 or larger top tube, is kind;a obvious anyways... the answer is that the bike it will become too flimpsy, super weak!... second reason, tube manufacturer do not do top tubes larger than 59 or 60 i think (at least in the past they didnt)

The 3rd reason is because of a geometry thing. As taller the frame, steeper it will get, why? because of a center of mass issue, if u build a 62 frame wiht the same angles of a 55 for example, the racer it will be seated basically out of rear wheel (my english sucks ok? im trying to explain this as much as i can). Well some companies have built taller frames using the same geometry for all the frames, it work for them but the next and 4 reason to do not build or the reason because u wont find a frame so long as u maight want is because of the UCI rules.

If u built a frame with a top tube of 63 for example besides the weakness u'll get problems with the UCI rules, Oh and in a track frame is even worse because the frame it will bend as a mail envelope in the curves or any time u want to do something as sprint for example.

This is the karma of tall guys, now midgets have the same problem, well at least they can use compact geometry and a smaller front wheel or 650 wheels and they are kind a set up anyways.

Go for steel unless u find a nice fuji professional at ebay, they look cool, they are cheap and i think the ride is nice, get the professional, the fuji steel is an street bike as the steel bianchi. I think i saw a 60 or 62 track on ebay latelly. Or get an old frame from sombody but as somepeople here told u, u'll have problems and the solution for u at least to my way of thinking is to deal and live with the the best way u can. It will be too hard try to find the perfect match for u or set up, specially because u r now over the "limits". Do not spend a lot of money trying to find the best right away, get used to the stuff u have 1st or u'll be spending money every week buying stuff that u dont even know if they will fit u, u know...

Good luck...

ultraman6970 12-19-05 10:16 AM

oh... forgot something... use a stem with a positive angle, the ones that goes up... u'll feel better. Use tubulars if u want to be fast. clinchers simply sucks. I dont think a real track handle it will work w/u because they are too deep down... use your fav road one and u wont have problems getting over the pedals (waste energy issue because u r too tall)... hmm... get an stiffer seatpost, no matter if its heavy... 4 sure u wheigh a lot plus the preasure towards the rear wheel will that a carbon fiber seatpost bends too much.

Wonder if somebody is producing or have a 14 steel stem for this guy.... oh... get a basketball ball this christmass from your mom and a "basketball for dummies" book from your dad, just in case u know... :)

Good luck :)

ultraman6970 12-19-05 10:20 AM

Here we go, the bike is old but its cheap too... and a 62, good brand...


HereNT 12-20-05 02:28 AM

Let's just hope that the seller knew what they were doing when they put track ends on that road bike...

ultraman6970 12-20-05 11:05 AM

TRUE!! hehehe :D

theWretched 12-21-05 01:01 PM

Actually, I only weigh 165 lbs (I am trying to bulk up, I do half an hour of squats, leg press, and other leg exercises every other day) so the weight shouldn't be too much of a problem. Oh yes, and obviously I am not built for sprints.

Ultraman- I hear what you are saying about the enlarging the frame while keeping the same wheel dimensions, and it throwing the geometry off. I guess I will have to talk with whoever I get this bike from (at this point, custom building it is probably the answer).

So with such a large frame should I go with steel so that it doesn't break?

ultraman6970 12-22-05 02:09 AM


6.4!!.. thats mean u are like 1.90 meters tall man u better go and try the NBA or something hehehe.. :D just kidding :)

Man I'm trying to figure it out how tall r u... eventually the bigger frame I know some companies do is like 62 - 63 and thats it. At those dimmensions I have no clue if a compact geometry in aluminum it will work fine, Im sayng compact (slope) because it is stiffer than regular geometry. hmm just checking fuji... they run until 61 x 59 thats not bad after all.. u just put a MB seat post and the larger stem u can with positive degrees and u r set... my advice right now is to check diferent manufacturers and check how big they run their frames... i guess nobody runs over a 62...

hmm ridley goes thru 62 c-c but c-t it goes thru 66... the top tube is 58.5 c-c.. (ridley oval) I have a ridley compact and the frame is awesomely stiff wonder how stiff is the track one (nice bikes). the guys from Ital-tecno sells the oval frame for 675, if u have the money get that one, Ridley do racing bikes only, not street or sh***, only racing bikes.

Colnago goes in some road bikes to 65 or so but in track aparently they run untill 62 again... Regarding the steel part... steel is cheaper and now adays is stronger than it was before amd even lighter than aluminum.. bianchi concept max size is 61. Looks like u r stocked in 61 - 62 wichever is the best, the other factor is the fit, some brands sizes runs a little smaller than other ones so if u decide in some frame... its better get a test ride 1st.

Regarding custom build? check your pocket 1st.. i know a guy from canada that makes awesome big bikes because he is tall as u... i can give u his web page if u want and see what he can do 4 u... but it wont be so cheap as usually happend with custom made frames. I know the guy personally and he is cool. u have to compare.



ZappCatt 12-22-05 10:33 AM

I would look at getting a relatively cheap entry level bike
1) At this time you are not exactly sure what events you are going to be competing in, so if you were to go custom, it would have to be an all-arounder. I am a newbie to trarck racing, so I would not be able to give enough feedback to a builder to really let them optimize the bike for me...

2) I am 6'3" with a 36" inseam. I just picked up a NOS Fuji 61cm bike. I think it might be a little small, and I might have to go with a longer stem. I will race it a few times before I do this since it will affect handling.

3) I have been told that the top tube is the most important thing to get "close" While you can change stem length, it will affect handling. Adding more seatpost will not affect the handling as much.

ultraman6970 12-22-05 01:42 PM

HI again... U r absolutelly right ZappCatt... your 1st point its right... i agree

Regarding your second point... 61 or 62 is the bigger frame u might get in the street (if they have it) so u have to deal with it yes or yes, u have no choice to make it work the best u can. The seat tube isnt a problem nowadays so far but the stem u have to see exactly what works better 4 u...

I use 110 mms stem, i have always been using that so I'm not sure about which r the effects of using a 140 mms stem but clearly the problem will be that u'll get too down u know... as larger the stem the more close to the floor u get so that could be translated in discomfort on your wrists or your neck. Too much weight on the front... The other thing is that if the stem is too large at least in track u will lose some power when crancking hard or when u get over the pedals. Some like u get too relaxed somehow... Regarding handling.. I wouldnt say that so far.. i mean it hapend the same when u drive too far from the steering wheel... but obviously over a bike u don want to get toooooo far from the bar... makes sence, right? My best guess it's to use the same stem u have in the road bike or start from that configuration then star doing gradual changes.

Maybe a paralel stem could work better than a regular or a track stem... U guys are so hudge that a track angle stem it will be too low 4 u... well it depends on preferences anyways... :)

Thanks :D

ultraman6970 12-24-05 08:03 AM

Here is one for giants....

thanks! :D

r-dub 12-24-05 05:22 PM

The nice thing about the upper end of the spectrum is that when other tall folks are getting rid of bikes there aren't many possible buyers who can ride them.

ZappCatt 12-24-05 06:01 PM

yeah, but the problem is that they are few and far between. ;-)

ultraman6970 12-24-05 07:37 PM

well no wonder why tall guys always use the same crap all the time for years and years hehehe... :P

Merry X-mass

taras0000 12-24-05 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by ultraman6970
Here is one for giants....

thanks! :D

I know a tall dude with one of those bikes. They are seriously beefy frames.

ultraman6970 12-25-05 10:46 PM

Well... this one is a good deal... dont waste time...


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