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paloewi 12-29-05 02:31 PM

Pursuit bike sizing and fit
I am going to build or get built a new track pursuit frame. It won't be a pure pursuit frame as I want to do some omnium events as well, but it will definetaly be more like a pursuit bike. How does one go about sizing a bike like this. Aerobar lengths is probably preference, but when measuring reach, should that be about your mid-forearm? I don't really have a clue about the sizing or geometry of a track/pursuit bike, so everything is appreciated.



ed073 12-29-05 03:16 PM

Ask your frame builder or an experienced bike fitter. Pursuit positioning is about finding a medium between maximum power output and aerodynamics and finding a position you can actually ride in without too much discomfort.

Not something that can be easily done over a forum.

ultraman6970 12-29-05 09:58 PM

Built a bike like this one, it is all u may need so far... and put a carbon fork to it :P

Good luck! :)

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