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eddiebrannan 12-29-05 11:35 PM

keirin racing tactics?
i've been watching a lot of keirin videos and it looks like in some races during the bell lap a rider will break early in order to pull another rider round then dip into the cote d'azur to propel that guy through to win, falling himself all the way back to last in some cases.

since keirin racing's not a team sport what advantage is there to that tactic? it's also alluded to in the josiah ng keirin school account, but not explained at all. can somebody tell me?

ed073 01-02-06 07:46 PM

**cough** "Collusion!" **cough**

taras0000 01-02-06 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by ed073
**cough** "Collusion!" **cough**


Super Rookie 01-03-06 12:56 AM

I would sumise that...

Although it is not a "team" race you still have protected riders that may have reached deals, such as, in the Josiah keiren account...

But, many keirens stateside consist of multiple members of the same team...heck look at the famous video of the assault at T-Town from this past summer....that entire race was set up by a teammate...

Just a stab at it...

classic1 01-03-06 05:04 AM

It's not a bike race unless there is a 'joke' going on. :p

ed073 01-03-06 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by classic1
It's not a bike race unless there is a 'joke' going on. :p

Ah yes......the little visit from Patey 20 minutes before a wheelrace final for a "chat".


classic1 01-03-06 05:31 PM

Ha Ha. I never warranted it, I never rode further back than 100m on the track.

Even B and C grade at Glenview Crescent have their little jokes going every week!

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