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The Carpenter 01-10-06 06:04 PM

ALL juniors that train at The Encino Velodrome are requested to be at the track this Thursday, Jan. 12th at 5:30 pm for the regular juniors session.

There will be a rep from the AAF (The Amature Athletic Foundation) coming to visit YOU and see YOU ride. The track is trying to get a grant for the junior's program. Even if you only come to train once and a while at Encino you will benefit from the grant. We really need a big turn-out to show them how many kids this helps.

So come out and help your self to some good riding.

PARENTS!!! You need to get the kids to the track. Do what you have to do to get them there. The grant will be a no go if only a few riders show up. YOU really need YOUR help with this one. Yes this means YOU!!!!!

PS. Juniors/ kids that have never ridden Encino or never ridden at any track, are more than always.

244dewayne 01-14-06 07:18 PM

I would love to get my son on a track bike and out to a track. He is thirteen years old and will be fourteen in a few weeks. He rides his bike (a twenty inch) every day and several nights a week. It is raining right now here in California and he is out with his friends riding. Last night and this morning he was building a bike for his friend. He has several cabinets of parts and he is a very good mechanic with his own tools. He has a wheel trueing stand and he charges for some of his labors. He is a total bike nut.

I would suspect that some day he may become interested in trying either road or track. He has competed in the past in NORBA and ABA bmx and has won at a national and state level. He has several friends that are also excellent bike riders. These kids are interested in the technology and use/buy the best/lightest stuff. But they just are not interested in riding bikes with shorts on. The only way I could these kids to wear a cycling helmet or riding shorts would be to tie them up.

When I was a kid I always thought it was cool do track stands and balance myself. These kids can do a track stand then roll back and jump over a small fence. I was showing my son a picture of a steep bank at a track in Canada. I thought the steep bank would interest him but it didn't look that difficult to him because these kids ride on walls.

Well maybe someday he will try it but until that time it is nice to know there is no shortage of talented riders out there they just are riding different types of bikes.

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