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vomitron 01-22-06 07:35 PM

Disc Wheels
Any ideas on a relatively inexpensive disc wheel? Lighweight makes a really crazy looking one, but I reckon' they're mighty expensive. The Renn disks are pretty cheap, I could always throw a surly converter on there...but who knows about those things for racing. Maybe I'll just hit the swap meet and pick up a used HED.

At the World Cup I saw these brown discs ridden by the eastern european/russian riders, as opposed to standard mavic wheel. I think I know where I can get my hands on one of these less expensive discs, but does anyone have any info on them online, so I know about where I should haggle to with this LBS?

Anyway, any suggestions are appreciated.

ZappCatt 01-22-06 09:50 PM

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Are these the ones you are talking about?

Cleave 01-22-06 09:55 PM

Hi Vomitron,

I have been using a 2005 Renn on my TT bike and it seems to work just fine. It doesn't look as hi-tech as some others but for the price...

ZappCatt 01-22-06 10:17 PM

So are you using the Surly Fixxer to make it fixed? I did not think Renn used a true Shimano to know..

ultraman6970 01-22-06 11:51 PM


ZappCatt 01-23-06 12:05 AM

ultraman, What is your question?

ultraman6970 01-23-06 12:18 AM

none, why?

vomitron 01-23-06 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by ZappCatt
Are these the ones you are talking about?

Yessir. I think I can get my hands on one from an LBS down here. I'm not sure, though. They're not really on the shop floor, and I know about them because of some business I was doing for them. I don't know if he wants to sell them or not.

The Renn's are pretty cheap, and seem pretty good. They're flat, which is fine for the track, little side-on wind, which is the only place lenticular matters, from what I can tell.

ZappCatt 01-23-06 12:36 AM

Vomitron, I am not sure that the Renns use an actual Shimano hub. As far as I can tell the Fixxer only works on specific Shimano branded hubs, not the generics that are used for most "Shimano compatible hubs". I contacted Renn to see if they did a Track hub and they said no...did not answer my question regarding actual brand of hub they used for the SHimano compatible discs.

Ultraman....You listed Renns site and then had a line of 8 question marks...I was wondering what your question was.....

EDIT: Here is a thread on Fixedgearfever with users thoughts on some different discs for the track.

jitensha! 01-23-06 04:45 PM

if you're only going to use it in the track, you can always find a good deal on old freewheel disc wheels on ebay. or check your LBS, they might have an old Zipp in the back room...

vomitron 02-01-06 10:04 PM

Update: An LBS was selling the Fluidisks for $600. According to them, it's higher quality than the HED disk, and has no lockring threading.

They tend to overcharge for track stuff, though.

vomitron 02-01-06 10:05 PM

Update: An LBS was selling the Fluidisks for $600. According to them, it's higher quality than the HED disk, and has no lockring threading. They also said it's carbon, when it appears to be kevlar.

They tend to overcharge for track stuff, and sometimes exaggerate (or lie?).

ewwhite 02-01-06 10:41 PM

Which local shop was selling them? I'm curious. I have an old Russian disk. Is this an LA-area shop? Let me know. Thanks.

ZappCatt 02-01-06 10:48 PM

While many of the athletes riding at the World Cup were riding on sponsors gear...I did see the FluidDisks being used(by at least the Polish team..that is where the picture is from) I do not remember seeing any Hed disks in use there.....

The Dutch team has some Disks that looked similar but did not have any markings on am not sure what brand they were.

vomitron 02-01-06 11:41 PM

Did you see that Araya disk? The one with the blinding disco logo? Man, that thing was brilliant. When I finally buy a disc, I'm going to cover it with a giant disco logo so as to blind anyone drafting me, including members of my team! Huzzah!

ZappCatt 02-01-06 11:48 PM

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This one that the awesome Belarussian was riding?

ultraman6970 02-02-06 07:52 AM


ZappCatt 02-02-06 12:38 PM

Where wouls you put the Mavic disk? It was the #1 used disk at the WOrld Cup..though Sponsorship of teams has A LOT to do with that...

Oh yeah, and not like I am going to buy any of these..just wondering of your opinions..

How bad were the pre-carbon disks? Those like this..
1980's "wafer disk"
Are they unsafe? ugly? Ghetto?

Richard Kennedy 02-03-06 03:22 AM

The UK national squad don't have a sponsorship deal, they source what they feel is the best equipment. (i.e. the custom made UK carbon bikes, approximately 2kg lighter than the equivalent Corima or Look frame). They mainly ride Sugino cranks and Mavic discs/5 spokes. (they do have some corima discs/4 spokes left over from the wheels they were using a few years ago, but these are now used for the youth/junior teams or for training)

The MDT disc wheel that you have a picture of is not a 1980s pre-carbon disc. MDT discs are made by Corima and just rebranded with the MDT logo. A close look at the hub design and you'll see that they are exactly the same.

cendres 02-03-06 02:27 PM

I agree that the Lightweights are cool looking. They can be had for ~$1400. Going price on Corima C+ discs is ~$1050.

gtboy 02-03-06 03:09 PM

so what's to be gained with one disc vs another? obviously, there's aero drag coefficient, bearing drag, but that's all a function of design (lenticular, dimples, flat) vs. conditions (sidewind, etc). is the big difference lateral stiffness? or is it MOI?

edit: well, bearing drag is a function of bearing type/quality.

ewwhite 02-03-06 06:52 PM

Well, it's broken down pretty well here:

CafeRacer 02-05-06 12:05 PM

You gotta admit though. Some bikes look good with disc's and some look like ****. I looked at a pair of IO and Compete wheels once on display. They are probably the nicest made areo wheels I have ever seen. Also the most over priced wheels I have ever seen! Even on employee deal! I think I could equip my bike with 404's and buy a 909 disc and still spend less than on Mavic.

gtboy 02-05-06 07:26 PM

Yeah, the mavic's are amazing...if you've got a sponsorship.

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