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vomitron 02-02-06 11:25 PM

Worth the price?
There's a Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon Aero Track rear (tub) at my LBS. They want $299 for it. It's a pretty deep-section aero rim, with minimal spokes. It's fix/free. I believe cartridge bearings? I didn't ask, just a guess.

Any experiences with these? I do TT (short) and sprints, but I'm thinking about skipping all of that (I'm too scrawny to be a sprinter!) and going to pursuits. Don't know if that will sway your advice.

On the other hand, I could probably pick up a used disc for that price (or an old 7spd for less?).

taras0000 02-05-06 05:25 AM

It's a really good deal on that wheel. If you want to pick up a disc (better for a rear wheel), and if you can find one at that price in reasonably good shape, i would go for t he disc. This wheel is a steal at that price though!

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