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CafeRacer 02-07-06 04:20 PM

Anyone attending the event in London, ON? I cant wait.

Forest City Velodrome Shedual

cap'n_Rob 02-15-06 10:54 AM

yeah. prob. for the sat session only though. need more base miles so sun. on the road

CafeRacer 02-21-06 02:23 PM

Great racing to everyone that came out. What a blast!

Considering how 5 min before the match sprints started a buddy was explaining to me what they are, I didnt expect to be on the podium!
5th Jamie Shankland(me), 4th Garnet Abbey, 3rd Rob Good, 2nd Keith Thorarison, 1st Gord Singleton

ZappCatt 02-21-06 03:28 PM

How many competitors were there in the match sprints? I saw that top 8 moved on..
Do you know what the times were for the flying 200?

p.s. Congrats!!!!

CafeRacer 02-21-06 05:56 PM

I'm not sure, It looks like they picked the top 8 from accross the board since there were Juniors, Seniors, and Masters in the top 8. There were more people at this race than at an Ontario Cup 4cross I can tell ya that! haha

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