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plantdude 02-08-06 12:06 AM

Adding straps to shimano PD-7401 pedals
Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to mount straps to the shimano pd-7401 pedal? I want to convert these pedals to track pedals. I read the recent thread on the newer style shimano pedal conversion, but the difference in the body style render that method inappropriate. Just wondering if anyone has done/seen this on this pedal?


11.4 02-08-06 09:07 AM

7401's are an interesting proposition for straps. I've set up a couple of our riders who wanted to use these simply because they had them around and didn't want to spend extra on their first track bikes. We came up with three solutions:

First, and easiest, is that a toe strap simply loops around the back half of the pedal (just behind the axle) and actually stays in place very nicely once tightened without anything else needed. There are really only two places on these pedals where the strap wants to end up (because of the shape of the underside and sides of the pedal) -- right behind the axle and completely behind the pedal. The behind-the-axle version actually works pretty well for most people because the behind-the-pedal version is farther back than, say, on SPD-R's. Now there is an allen bolt on the underside that seems to come out and go back in without blowing up everything inside (I've done it once), but I've learned from bitter experience that until you've done it a bunch of times on a pedal, you don't know for sure that some pedals don't want to explosively deconstruct when you do this. If you are willing to experiment, absolutely go for it.

Second, you can disassemble the quick release mechanism and put a bolt with a wingnut (or an allen head cap bolt, if you don't mind tightening your cleats with an allen key screwdriver) coming out a hole drilled in the back plate of the pedal and running to the spring flange about a centimeter forward of the back plate. It simply clamps the pedal quick release clip on the rear into your cleats, and they're locked in until you loosen the allen bolt. There is no clip-out, which makes them quite secure. As I suggested in the SPD-R thread, if you're using a velcro-strap shoe like a Poggio, you can just leave the shoes on the pedal and slip in and out of the shoes. Then you can also add a strap (just wrapped around the pedal and shoe, no fastener to the pedal) and not have to worry about it if you want that extra comfort or think you're going to rip off your shoe's uppers.

Third, you have plenty of aluminum in the body of the pedal to tap a hole for a clip mounting. But I'd actually suggest sanding off a small area on the bottom of the pedal and using JBWeld to bond the loop from a toe clip directly onto the metal of the pedal. So far this hasn't created a problem, and you can customize your strap positioning. This is simple and dumb, but seems to work as well as drilling and tapping holes.

CafeRacer 02-11-06 07:19 AM

Up untill now I ran a strap around mine, It works on any look style pedal but is a pain to try and loop it around without a clip holding it to the pedal. Plus you can still un clip. With the tention maxed and a red tip cleat Ive managed to forc-fully un-clip 3 or 4 times on hill sprints, and once on the track.

At the advise I got here grab a pair of SPD-r's and add the clip to them.

11.4 02-11-06 12:32 PM


Yeah. Unless someone really has a thing about SPD-R's, they're the better pedal all around for track. There's also the problem that with some of the Look floating cleats, there are a couple thin spots on the cleat and they can literally break apart under strong force. The fixed cleats don't have the same problem. But why mess with it when SPD-R cleats and pedals are so bombproof. I've only once ever seen an SPD-R pedal break, and that was a fluke with Jamie Staff.

CafeRacer 02-12-06 09:24 AM

I saw pics of that pedal. I have strong legs, but not that big! Even if you dont run a strap through the pedal the SPD-R just feels alot more secure, espessialy with the tention maxed. On my right leg I have to physical hit my heel to pop out of the pedal! The amount of twist required is enough to inflict pain on a knee thats already missing a third of its cartlidge and most of an ACL. hahaha

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