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liamgreen 03-30-06 06:51 AM

My own track
Just thought I'd let you all know that me and some friends of mine have recently managed to build a track in Whittlesey out of mud. If anyone would like to come along to it feel free. I'll try and get a picture and a map up here sometime soon should you wish

CafeRacer 04-02-06 09:43 AM

everyone glue theyre cyclocross tires on!!!!!!!

mickster 04-02-06 12:52 PM

Originally Posted by CafeRacer
everyone glue theyre cyclocross tires on!!!!!!!

Heh-heh-heh! I knew that old 70's grasstrack frame I kept in the shed would come in handy...:D

Jonny B 04-02-06 02:28 PM

I love a bit of grasstrack. Just wish I wasn't a fat bloater so I could take more than about two laps :)

PerfectCircle 04-02-06 04:52 PM

That sounds like a brilliant idea. How did you do it? I want my own track, too. In the summer will it dry out so that it's a hard surface which would be conducive to track/fixed gear loops? Post the pictures soon.

classic1 04-02-06 06:55 PM

The old flat track in Wangaratta Australia used to be dirt and was incredibly fast. It was surfaced with concrete in the 80's and is still quick, but a number of people I know claim it was faster when it was dirt.

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