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Matthew A Brown 04-23-06 09:50 AM

Some questions about Dick Lane Vdrome - Atl
I might just give em a call anyway on Monday, but....

The fifty dollar "summer training fee", would that apply to each of us coming up for a weekend? Seems rather prohibitive if so.

Saturday training hours = 8 to 12 am. And then they're... closed after that? Nothing on Sunday?

It seems like if we (or anyone) wanted to do a few days there near a weekend, we'd be able to watch some stuff Friday night and pay at least fifty bones to ride for a few hours Saturday morning.

I feel like I'm missing something. Any help?

dutret 04-23-06 11:22 AM

yes you are missing something go look at the website.

<a hbref=""><i>Dick Lane Velodrome 2006 Session Fee Schedule

Al La Cart
Wednesday Night Training Race 10.00
One Training Day 5.00
Adult Beginners Thursday Class* – 4 lesson series includes bike if needed 60.00
Friday Night Sprint 10.00
Friday Night Pursuit 10.00
Festival of Speed Race 25.00
Festival of Speed late fee 15.00
Junior Metro Atlanta Points Race 10.00
Regional's 35.00
Pursuit Challenge (per event) 5.00
Festival of Speed Gate (one person) 5.00
Festival of Speed Gate (family) 10.00

Winter Training Pass - November to May 40.00
Summer Training Pass - April to October 50.00
Bicycle Little League 40.00
Junior Development Summer – Thursday’s April to October 40.00
Junior Development Winter – Sunday’s November to May 40.00

Value Pass Deals
Wednesday + Training Pass – All Scheduled Wednesday Night Racing
plus Summer Training 150.00
DLV One Pass – Winter and Summer Training Pass,
Festival of Speed, Regional's, and Friday Night Series 250.00

*Adult Beginners Thursday Night Class, the winter woman's clinic and the March weekend training clinic participants may apply class fee to a Training Pass or to one of the Value Pass Deals.

So you are all warned. This year we will be very strict with passes and training. We will be putting out a payment box for your signed release waivers and payment for whatever you are paying for. Please put your name on the envelope, and enclose payment and waivers, then put it in the box! Season Pass holders will get membership passes. Please bring them at all times.

Please be understanding to what we are trying to do. We all want the velodrome to be taken to the next level of performance and we can only to it with your help and cooperation. We have hired a mechanic/bike room manager for the year and we still have a lot of rebuilding to do. Every time you don't pay, your are basically cheating yourself out of a better facility in the future.

If you get caught training or racing without paying you will be asked to leave and you will be required to purchase the DLV One Pass to be allowed back on to the track. No exceptions!</i></a>

Ceya 04-23-06 11:35 AM

I think all beginners's class should be free,IMHO.


Matthew A Brown 04-23-06 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by dutret
yes you are missing something go look at the website.

Hi, thanks for that blazingly unhelpful post! = ) I saw all of that, so maybe I'll try again.

- Are they open at all Saturday afternoons? Sundays looks totally closed.


Summer Training Insurance - $50 - If you plan on training at the track any night other than Wednesday night you must pay for the Summer Training Insurance Pass
I saw the ten dollar Wednesday thing, but that doesn't do us much good. The fifty dollar thing makes sense for locals, but for a weekend trip its a bit much. Do they consider "training" anything that isn't a race?

chuck_norris 04-23-06 08:52 PM

I had some equally helpless attempts at gettig info in another post. Best I got is

"Hi all,

It appears that there is some confusion re policies, costs and new rider requirements at the velodrome.

Our track is run managed by volunteer riders and we all try hard to make it accessible and affordable for everyone including out-of-state riders.

A couple of things right off the bat: If you have been track certified at another velodrome, going through the new rider course will probably not be required. Otherwise, going through a new rider session is mandatory. Please understand that this is for the safety of everyone.

If you have any questions about the track, please email me at:"


"The assumption that it will cost an out-of-town rider $50.00 for a one day training session at the DLV is not correct.

Please note the detailed list of fees on the DLV web site"

Appparently DLV has put up a website that is the holy grail of pricing, but no one is willing to answer specific questions about Friday hours, Sunday hours, Saturday afternoons, and we can take advantage of the $5.00 single day training pass.

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