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Yoyosh 07-16-06 04:17 PM

Tufo sticky tape? good or bad?
Anyone have any experience with the Tufo tubular sticky tape? It looks like a great program if it works. Let me know what you think. I've only glued one set of tubs the traditional way (cyclocross) and they are holding great, it was just a lot of work. Let me know what the word on the street is. thanks.

ZappCatt 07-16-06 06:29 PM

I use it and it seems to be fine...just starts to get expensive if you have to swap tires out..

Yoyosh 07-16-06 10:51 PM

Well, my LBS charges $15 per tire to glue on tubulars. The tape looks much easier and cheaper to boot.

Jonny B 07-17-06 05:58 AM

I've used Jantex tape and Conti glue. The tape is much simpler and quicker, but glue will probably give you a (marginally) stronger join (if you do it right). If you're lazy or adverse to mess, go with tape; if you're a perfectionist and have time to kill, glue is fun.

p3ntuprage 07-20-06 05:48 PM

i use the tufo extreme tape, and i'm fairly sure i'm never going to roll a tyre. ever.

it took me about thirty minutes to get the last one off the rim. it was a complete bastard.

it also took a similar amount of time to clean up all the gunk it left behind.

i don't see any reason to trust it less than glue. [your thumbs and thumb-nails might object to it though]


ultraman6970 07-26-06 10:40 PM

15 bucks for 10 mins of work? thats too much... do it your self and spend those 15 bucks taking your mama to the movies!....


Originally Posted by Yoyosh
Well, my LBS charges $15 per tire to glue on tubulars. The tape looks much easier and cheaper to boot.

onetwentyeight 08-03-06 08:15 PM

I've been riding the Tufo tape on the street for a week now and have no complaints. still early but the tires seem on solid and I feel confident in them. Really enjoying my switch to tubulars. its so plush.

pitboss 08-03-06 10:08 PM

it tastes horrid - however, from the people that have used it, it sounds like it works!

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