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thewalrus 11-05-06 09:11 AM

Help me find a Fetish Position track frame, 56cm
A year ago there were dozens on ebay, now there's none... Anyone?

TheRobbStory 11-29-06 01:24 PM

It's as though you were sent to me from above.

I've got a 56cm. Much too small for me.

PM me and we'll talk.

Briareos 11-29-06 04:11 PM

Can I buy the chick?

TheRobbStory 11-29-06 04:43 PM

Nah, you wouldn't want her.

Ba-Dg-Er 11-29-06 05:03 PM

I've never met anyone that has ridden a Fetish Cycle ... seems weird to me considering they're here in Phoenix. Any opinions on the frame? They look quite nice and I'd love to get my hands on one of their high end road frames.

TheRobbStory 11-29-06 05:22 PM

I've no complaints. It's the first true track bike I've owned so it's really hard to make an accurate comparison. I'm sure if you ask over at you'd get some valid opinions of the whole Fetish line.

Briareos 11-30-06 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by TheRobbStory
Nah, you wouldn't want her.

I'm desperate.

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