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RedDeMartini 12-29-06 10:22 PM

Where do they like pure track bikes?-(Pista Concept)
I have a Bianchi Pista Concept that I am trying to sell.
But most of the demand here (DC) is for cheap fixed gear bikes.

The Concept is not really suited to this, it has a dura ace tubular wheelset and a light but stiff frame.
Also it is more expensive than most of the hip kids around here want to pay.

I did trade the arione saddle for something more comfortable and the Sugino 75's for a set of messengers with a 46T ring. I also mounted a brake on a drilled out fork (not the original) though I will include the original. I have modified it in these reversible ways, but otherwise it is track ready.

Does anyone have any good advice on where to sell it, how to sell it?

(Aside from ebay, though I will post it there too).

Should I piece it out?

Wait for t-town west?


[email protected]

Dubbayoo 12-30-06 08:28 PM


same time 12-30-06 10:21 PM

I saw your ad on Craigslist. Nice bike!

Like you said, I don't think there's too much demand for a pure track bike with hi-end components around here. More of a fixed gear crowd than a track racing crowd, and you wouldn't feel comfortable leaving that bike locked up on the street.

A city that has a velodrome would be a good idea - I guess New York is the closest. Or ebay.

recneps 12-31-06 12:30 PM

someone on there will buy it and probably race it.

ed073 01-01-07 05:29 PM


RedDeMartini 01-03-07 08:29 AM

hey, what about trexler town? kissena just re-opened, t-towns been consistent for like thirty years.

Are you going tot the swap?

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