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sexy prison 01-07-07 01:43 PM

where to find older track bikes in italy?
hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had enough knowledge of Italian bike shops to recommend some good ones to find older Italian (or other) track bikes. I am looking for a nice older lugged steel frame and I wanted to look around while Im on vacation there. I will be in Rome, Venice, possibly Milan, and maybe other places, so suggestions in any location would be welcome! Also, if my dream of finding a nice track bike in Italy for less money (including shipping it to the US) than a comparable one in the US is utterly foolish, please tell me. Also, the same question goes for older italian components (i.e. campy stuff). Any information would most definitely be appreciated; thanks!

talyfixed 01-11-07 10:43 AM

italian fixation
Well I coming from there going to tell straight off, finding track frames could be a bit difficult. Your best bet is Milan and Torino, there is a shop in Milan that has a track legend making still old skool frames, ask any of the local track guys and they could help you point out who he is. Best bargains are private sales, but italian is needed again, try to find an inspiring well young chap that could help you out. Going solo in italy and without the language could be quite difficult, we get masses of americans that expect to find treasures all over italy for a bargain, but that isnt the case.
Goodluck you will love it, and if you do find stuff I am sure you will be quite pleased with what you come upon.

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