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Tunnelrat81 01-13-07 10:21 AM

Found an interesting 80's track bike recently
Just this week I came upon an abandoned early/mid 80's Track bike that really got my attention. The bike includes an aluminum frame/ a front wheel/ Mavic bull horn/aero bars and a Turbo seat. The interesting part about the bike is that its front wheel is for a 24 in. tire size and the frame is built around it. I've since heard that this frame design was used for both TT and Track applications in the 80's but then (obviously) abandonded for more standard looking modern frames.

As I can tell, the only thing that the bike needs to be rideable is a a set of singlespeed crank arms w/ chainring, and a fixie rear wheel on a 125mm hub. A replacement sew-up would also be nice as the one on it is quite old (but holding air). I have no idea if sew-ups can even be found in that size anymore. If anybody here has a single speed set of cranks or a fixie rear wheel on a 125 hub let me know as I'm searching for used stuff before I resort to buying new.

Also, any further or interesting information on the history of these frames would be much appreciated. All I know about them is the little that I was able to learn from the LBS manager who used to ride them in the 80's. If anyone else has seen or owns something similar, I'd also like to hear about your experience, and whether or not the bike is a good ride when complete. Thanks so much.


goggles 01-13-07 12:01 PM

Tufo still makes this size. 24" wheels were banned in the 90's because the UCI wanted bikes to look more traditional-from what I've heard. Also, I think that they were said to give an aero advantage that was unfair to other countries (on an Olympic level?) that did not have budgets to afford more radical designs. The point is that you can't race this bike. They are fun to ride though.

steppinthefunk 01-13-07 12:56 PM

Here's an interesting Zinn track frame that was on Ebay recently... After less then a day of being listed the seller ended the auction early. Then it shows up again a few days later with a $500.00 buy it now price!... Seemed kinda sly on the part of "Veloseller"... But i guess thats how the market works...

goodall 01-16-07 03:44 PM

The front wheel was smaller so that you could get closer to the person in front of you during a team time trial. You'll see them at the end of this 10 minute video from the 1990 World Championships. The video also has some sweet, now-illegal, trackstanding in the match sprint.

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