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spingineer 01-21-07 11:35 PM

World Cup LA 2007
I was at Saturday night's session, and it was awesome. I even got to spend about 5 minutes in the pit. Now that is an experience that is undescribable (is that a word???). It was cool, seeing the points race from the pit. It really gives you a different perspective, and to see really how fast they are going.

Anyhow, did anyone else attend? If so, does anyone else have pictures?

Oh, and btw, Sarah Hammer blew away the competition again in Individual Pursuit. I smell Olympic Gold there!

I am The Edge 01-22-07 12:25 AM

i was there friday and saturday night.

friday night:

bitingduck 01-22-07 09:17 AM

I was there volunteering at the copy machines all weekend-- it's a lot of fun and you get to see a lot of the guts of how the race happens. My favorite place to watch from are the tops of the corners.

Cleave 01-22-07 09:48 AM


I was there Saturday night helping with the official's video on the outside of the entrance to turn 1. I was able to shoot during warmups and "timed" events like th individual pursuit. Haven't had time to process many images. Took over 100 shots. Here's one:

Sarah Hammer starting her gold medal ride in the individual uprsuit.

VelodromePhoeni 01-22-07 11:19 AM

The World Cup in Los Angeles is like a preview of the Olympics. I think we'll see a lot of these same athletes next year in China.


spingineer 01-22-07 04:49 PM

That's so cool. That's why I circle the past weekend date ... must see event. Too bad I couldn't get any good pictures in the pit.

ultraman6970 01-22-07 07:03 PM

I envy you guys... darn....!!!!!


spingineer 01-22-07 08:36 PM

Now if only they would televise this. I mean come on. This is the best competition, and a preview of the Olympics. It would probably be more exciting to non-cycling fans than road races.

ESPN? Versus?

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